Hoops 2017

Youth Basketball Program

The Season

Season will start Saturday November 12th, 2016 with team selection.  Practices will begin the following Monday. Games will begin the 17th of December.  We will close down for the Holidays and resume play the 7th of January 2017 and finish the middle of March.

Team Selections.

We do a team selection for evaluation and experience of players.  All players are placed on a team. Each player is requested to be at team selection so all coaches can see and evaluate. They will play a short 4 minute 5 on 5 game. Coaches will rate each Player from a 1 to 3 and then discussed for evenness of teams.  Coach's player is evaluated and the coach will pick him in his evaluated category. We do not encourage assistant coaches to be picked before draft time.  If a coach wants an assistant he/she must draft that assistant coaches player.  The coach follows the player - player do not follow the assistant coach.