LC hoops

Summer Slammer 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Playing Time
A: Players shall have equal playing time and coaches are aware of it.  Sometimes in the heat of a game coaches do forget this feel free to bring it up to your coach or a referee or the scoring table.

Q: Where are games and practices?

A: Good question since we don't have a permanent home we are at the mercy of the schools or others for places to play.  We try to give an hour a week of inside practices and some coaches do hold outside practices at the parks. Your coach, the web site or Facebook should keep you up to date on locations.

Q: Coaches and Referees

A: All of us are volunteers and the majority of us have no players in the league any longer.  Majority of our referees are or have been state certified and do High School games.  They are not Paid!

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